About Us


BRAY Design Corten Custom Planter for Vinegar Lane, Ponsonby

From humble beginnings back in 2014 - it all started with us wanting a firepit but couldn't find anything suitable. So they made one themselves.

Then friends and family wanted one - then we found they also made perfect gifts for housewarmings or anniversaries! It's amazing the amount of steel we have palmed off to our loved ones.

Then mid 2015 we decided to open a website, thinking it would take a while for people to notice and we might get some orders before Christmas. We put up a website and jetted off to the 2015 Rugby World Cup - poor timing really as orders started to come in while we were overseas! We returned home after the semi final and came back to watch the the All Blacks win the final and then straight in to clearing a backlog of orders - thanks everyone for your patience during those times!

From there we have continually added to the range by what we like, along with custom requests which is a large part of our work.

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic we released our collection of wall art and signage in Corten and Black acrylic (UV stable ) to bring life to all your internal and external spaces.

Stay tuned for what's next!