Cat Lovers Wall Art - Personalised Monogram

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What better way to honor the love and companionship your cat brings to your life than with a personalized Cat Lover's Monogram? Don't forget that in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods and they have not forgotten this.

We love our furry little friends even though it's so true that cats own humans and not the other way around.

Excellent for display in entryways, lounges, kitchens and more!

Handcrafted in Tauranga, our Welcome Signs are custom made and available in Corten Steel or Acrylic depending on the look you are after. The elegant script makes them a great idea for birthdays, housewarming gifts and wedding presents.

Available in 2 Sizes, all 3mm thick:
Small - 300mm High x 500mm Wide
Large - 450mm High x 750mm Wide