Family Name Personalised Monogram

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Because your name says so much! A sense of self, identity, family belonging, heritage and pride. Whether you choose to personalize your selection with a first name or a family surname, our beautifully crafted pieces look striking when displayed and are magnets for compliments!

Our Family Name Monogram is one of our most popular gift items because the recipients are always left stunned.

Please note: Sometimes the custom letter combination might not display correctly in the preview field, just proceed to place the order and we will modify it before manufacture to ensure it is correctly scaled and placed. Any questions, please ask.

Feel free to message us for any advice on hanging your new sign! Handcrafted in Tauranga, our art is custom made and available in Corten Steel or Acrylic depending on the look you are after.

Available in 3 Sizes - 3mm thick

Small - 450mm High x 450mm Wide

Medium - 600mm High x 600mm Wide

Large - 900mm High x 900mm Wide